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The Big THINK Course in The Kinetic Classroom
Dr. Lynne Kenney

The Big THINK Course in The Kinetic Classroom

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The THINK course in The Kinetic Classroom is our professional development education platform for parents, educators, and clinicians who wish to bring cognition + movement to their classrooms, homes, and clinics to improve thinking skills, self-regulation, learning, and behavior.

What you will find in the THINK course are 30+ 2-10 minute videos with the concepts, research, and activities we teach in our Executive Function in the Classroom Workshops. The longer format webinars we develop are also in this course. So you have plenty of practical ideas to apply in your work.

There are videos for you, the educator or clinician to enhance your teaching & coaching toolkits. We also have videos for your students and clients, so that they may see how the activities are done by students just like them.

Built as a course on TEACHABLE, with high-quality video + audio, downloads, and useful tools, you are able view and use what you like in a jiffy. 

Watch the videos on your computer, ipad or phone before, during or after school with 24/7 access. We have made several lessons FREE for you to watch now. Take a peek, share with a colleague. Let's apply research to executive skill development with movement and joy!

We have a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. We want you to be inspired by the activities and research to enhance your classroom and practice. This work is my passion, feel free to email me directly with any questions. 

Purchase now at the launch rate of $199.00 for immediate access.

FAQ 1: Can I take this course for CE? Yes, if you watch all the videos, let us know, we shall email you a brief quiz and you shall earn a certificate of attendance for 5 hours CE to send to your professional licensing board. Licensing CE or credit is up to your board.

FAQ 2: My school is Title I, I heard you provide a group fee. Yes, email us to communicate your needs, we have special multiple classroom licenses. We have provided TKC for a little as $35 per classroom for FULL access.

FAQ 3: Can I do these with my class of students? Yes, while this platform is built for the educators and clinicians, you can surely watch the videos with your students and then do the cognitive-physical activities. We do all the time!

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