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“Our Room Is Blooming” Poster (11" x 17" professionally printed)
Dr. Lynne Kenney

“Our Room Is Blooming” Poster (11" x 17" professionally printed)

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Our Room is Blooming is an 11" x 17" art piece professionally printed and delivered to your door.

Our Room is Blooming communicates to the children, community and throughout the school that, “We do things differently in here”. In this room we support and encourage one another. We use our words, thoughts and actions with the mindful intent to be kind. In this room “We lift one another up!”

Great to place on your room door to let everyone know something different is going on in your classroom! If you feel the designated Bloom area inside your room could use it, that’s okay too!

Once you have had the cognitive conversation with students about living with kindness, this door poster can be sent home with the children so that their own rooms at home are blooming. What a fabulous bridge of kindness you can build from school to home and from home to school. You can purchase 8.5x11 “Our Room is Blooming” printables to share with each individual student or to gift other teachers in your school.

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