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Entire Bloom Your Room Collection
Dr. Lynne Kenney

Entire Bloom Your Room Collection

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Bloom Your Room™ is an art collection of over 50+ pages of printable and postable graphics, 10 classroom activities and over 40 social-emotional development tips that enhance social-emotional literacy inspiring children to experience kindness and empathy in their relationships with their friends, peers, teachers and school personnel. Created by pediatric psychologist, Dr. Lynne Kenney and illustrated by Meg Garcia, this program has the vital information you need as an elementary school teacher (ages 4-12) to improve your classroom’s social learning environment, for the benefit of all.

Here's what you get!

3 PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED POSTERS: (Please allow 7-10 days for delivery depending where you reside.)

  • 1 - 24"x 36" full color How You Bloom poster poem explaining how the Bloom Your Room™ program works to children
  • 1 - 24"x 36" full color Kindness Can poster introduces our characters including Thinkerbee™, The Worm Fuzzies™ and “Solar Sally™, with a list of achievable kind behaviors students can do to begin building their social-emotional skill sets
  • 1 - 11"x 17" full color Our Room is Blooming door sign that sets the tone for what's happening in your room


THE COMPLETE BLOOM YOUR ROOM™ PRINTABLE Social-Emotional Literacy Core Art and Activities Program (Printable jpegs and pdfs delivered via email.)

“You CAN” Bloom & Blossom Collection

  • Bloom Your Room Guide (34 pages)
  • Bloom Your Room Audio Guide (one hour mp3)
  • Culture Agreement and Mission Statement Wall Displays
  • The Mission Statement Activity
  • “Teacher Tips” 32-card set (Inspiration and activities for teachers) on 8 printable pages
  • Teacher Tips storage envelope
  • “Community Cards” 20 full page lesson card set for students - inspiration and activities for students that correspond to the first 20 cards in the teacher set

“Seeds of Kindness” Bloom & Grow Collection

  • Seed Packet Craft and Activity
  • 12 "Seeds of Kindness" to use as tokens or symbolic gestures
  • Seeds of Kindness™ Kindness Calculator mini poster
  • 6 Sticker Cutouts to mark daily achievements
  • The “Kindness Can” Keeper to write down additional kind behaviors the children think of themselves to help the classroom community with ideas, and/or kind behaviors observed in the classroom
  • Fill-in-the-blank “Class Kindness Caper” activity and award certificate for the class to plan and present to someone at school each week
  • “Our Class Kindness Capers” keepsake to hang on wall to list each completed caper and copy for children to take home at the end of year
  • Bud Gratitude Notes for classmates to demonstrate kindness to each other anytime
  • 34 - 8 1/2" x 11" Pennants to create "Our Room is Blooming With Kindness" 25 foot banner


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