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ENGAGE: Our 6-Hour MasterClass on Executive Functions + Cognitive Movement

ENGAGE: Our 6-Hour MasterClass on Executive Functions + Cognitive Movement

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Current research shows that executive function and self-regulation skills are central to academic achievement, social relationships, prosocial behavior and lifelong educational and employment outcomes.  

In fact, executive function skills and prosocial behaviors are more accurate predictors of academic readiness and life success than IQ. Building "Brain Literacy" is recommended for educators and clinicians. Yet, actual skills-based executive function and self-regulation interventions are not easy to find. 

To address this challenge, we curated the newest research and activities from our one and two-day Worldwide Trainings to create the most up-to-date course on Executive Function Coaching Skills + Cognitive-Physical Activities to ENGAGE self-regulation, self-control, attention, and memory, PreK-6th grade.

This masterclass is packed with 50 videos, 190+ pages of printables in 14 easy-to-understand sections for use in the classroom, home, or clinic.

The ENGAGE 6-hour online (watch at your leisure) masterclass provides you with practical content to improve Executive Functions and Self-Regulation for students PreK-6th grade who experiences challenges with:

  • Self-Regulation
  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Emotional Control
  • Impulsivity
  • Organization
  • Planning


With ENGAGE you will help your students PreK-6th grade learn how to:

  • Be more mindful of their attention cycle with My Attention Engine
  • Play cognitive-motor activities like CogniTap and Spotlight which require self-control, attention, and memory
  • Take in academic content more easily by learning how to “encode slowly”
  • Discover an “alert state of calm” with rhythmic beat-based movement patterns and sequences
  • Get excited about learning by becoming the “Best Coaches” for their own brains
  • Work collaboratively with others as they develop their own coaching strategies

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