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Bloom Your Room™ 11" x 17" Classroom Poster Set of 5

Bloom Your Room™ 11" x 17" Classroom Poster Set of 5

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Social-emotional literacy skills are the foundation of learning. Children with better social-emotional skills have better learning outcomes, social relationships, and lifelong job prospects.

Make learning prosocial social-emotional skills fun and engaging with the Bloom Your Room™ 5 Poster Classroom Set.  By introducing what kindness, respect and caring "look like" and "sound like" you are able to teach students the foundational social-emotional skills that grow better learning and behavior. Simply hang the engaging posters and talk about the colorful characters and prosocial actions to bring more thoughtful social behavior and a "Culture of Kindness" to your classroom, home, and school.

This professionally printed poster pack of hand-drawn images by artist Meg Garcia is printed on high-quality card stock and shipped to your door. The poster set includes:

  • "How You Bloom" 11"x17" poster
  • "Kindness Can" 11"x17" poster
  • "Thinkerbee Theater™" 11"x17" poster
  • "Our Roots" 11"x17" poster
  • "The Martians Are Coming!" 11"x17" activity poster

The perfect introduction to interacting in a manner that is kind, respectful, inclusive and compassionate with Bloom Your Room™! 

Find Bloom Your Room™ the book here.

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