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Bloom Your Room - The Book
Dr. Lynne Kenney

Bloom Your Room - The Book

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Growing Social-Emotional Literacy Through Art, for Educators, Schools, and Clinicians

Authored by Lynne Kenney PsyD 
Illustrated by Meg Garcia 

There is no other book quite like this! Thinkerbee and friends make exploring social-emotional literacy as much fun for educators as it is for students. Beautiful 8.5 x 11 inch high-quality hand-drawn original graphics to engage children in developing prosocial skills in the classroom.

With interactive classroom activities and delightful visual aides, educators will find easy-to-follow strategies, tips, and tools that enhance social-emotional learning, inspiring children (ages 4-10) to experience kindness and empathy in their relationships with friends, peers, teachers and school personnel. 

Created by pediatric psychologist, Dr. Lynne Kenney, and illustrated by artist Meg Garcia, Bloom Your Room has the vital information you need as an elementary school teacher to improve your classroom's social learning environment for the benefit of all. Create a space where children feel safe to learn, grow...and bloom.

Clip out the "Cognitive Conversations" and store them in a binder for yourself. Clip the activity pages to copy and hand out, and hang up the visuals to remind children why kindness matters in their classroom community. When the program is completed, most of the book will be hanging on your classroom walls!

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About the author:
Lynne Kenney, Psy.D., is a practicing pediatric psychologist, author and international educator in Scottsdale, AZ. With a keen interest in changing the trajectory of children's learning through cognitive-exercise, Dr. Kenney is known for developing classroom activities which integrate neuroscience and physical education to improve executive function and self-regulation.

Dr. Lynne is co-author with Wendy Young of Bloom: 50 things to say, think and do with anxious, angry and over-the-top-kids (UnHooked Books) and author of The Family Coach Method. Her most recent books, Musical Thinking: 5 Steps To Teaching Children How They Think and 70 Play Activities For Better Thinking, Self-Regulation, Learning, and Behavior (Kenney & Comizio, 2016) introduce her direct instruction method for improving executive function, math, reading and social-emotional skills. 

Dr. Lynne has advanced fellowship training in forensic psychology and developmental pediatric psychology from Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Harbor-UCLA/UCLA Medical School. She holds a Master's Degree in Physical Education from the University of Southern California and a Doctorate from Pepperdine. Since 1985, Dr. Kenney has worked as an educator in community service from the inner cities of Los Angeles to national organizations such as The Neurological Health Foundation, 30 Second Mom,, HandsOn Phoenix, and Points of Light (Generation On). Lynne is dedicated to improving children's cognition and learning in underserved communities.

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