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25' Kindness Banner for Classrooms (printable pdf)
Dr. Lynne Kenney

25' Kindness Banner for Classrooms (printable pdf)

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This is the fabulous 34 pennant banner to hang along a wall, chalkboard or markerboard in your classroom. It is 24-25 feet long and spells, "OUR ROOM IS BLOOMING WITH KINDNESS".  It is delivered as a printable PDF sized for 8.5" x 11" card stock. Pennants are single­-sided, so you’ll want to hang them with their backs facing a wall, rather than hanging the banner across the middle of the room. 

Spacers between letters are included as ThinkerbeeTM designs. Every pennant is in order in the PDF, so you don’t have to insert the spacers or do anything special. 

Please use card stock ­ plain paper will curl over time unless you laminate it. Lamination will look extra special with any paper you choose. 

Please use the “full bleed” or “edge­to­edge” printing option if your printer has one.

Hanging pennants couldn't be easier. Cut along the grey lines to make a nice pointy pennant shape on each one. 

Should you wish to divide the banner into a few rows of words, each pennant is 8 1/2" wide and we like to allow for about 1/4" ­ 1/2" of space between each pennant, so cut your string accordingly. 

This product is delivered via digital download and is licensed for individual for print use by one customer.

License Agreement

Copyright © 2016 by Dr. Lynne Kenney, Move2Think, LLC. Your purchase of any one of the pieces in this art collection grants you an individual license for your personal, or professional non­commercial use only. You may print pieces of this art collection on paper, cardstock or poster paper for your personal or classroom use. You agree not to make digital or printed copies of any images for re­sale. You agree not to alter any images in any digital or print manner for distribution to others online or offline. You shall not make this art collection accessible, in whole or in part, to others for download via email or online. This individual license cannot be transferred, sublicensed or sold. These licensing conditions are subject to change without notice. Licensing for entire schools, districts, states or provinces is available, simply email us at Violations of this agreement subjects you to possible legal action. Find more helpful books, webinars, audios and resources at

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