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10 Social-Emotional Learning Activities To Improve Classroom Relationships and Behavior

10 Social-Emotional Learning Activities To Improve Classroom Relationships and Behavior

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In this social-emotional learning professional development course on The Kinetic Classroom, you learn tools and strategies to bring kindness and healthy social-interaction front of mind for yourself and your students. Applying the philosophy in our book Bloom Your Room, you will do activities to enhance your relationship, kindness mindset and student interactions by:

  • Having Cognitive Conversations to increase student self-awareness of how their behavior impacts self and others
  • Creating a classroom culture built on trust, respect and kindness
  • Creating the opportunity for children to build their prosocial skill sets

This 50-minute mini-course is loaded with strategies, tools, and printables to help transform your classroom into an environment where students, feel safe to learn and grow.

  • The 50-minute webinar class
  • The 11-page downloadable BIG BUDS Kindness Conversation Project
  • Classroom Culture Printable
  • What Will the Martians See Printable
  • Beautiful Printable Teacher Tips
  • The Our Class Believes in Kindness Printable
  • The Kindness Conversation to guide your classroom conversation
These downloadable Bloom Your Room pages by illustrator Meg Garcia will help you begin to shift the culture in your class to one of respect, kindness, collaboration and caring.

    Note: You need not own Bloom Your Room to benefit from this webinar. Print the art images on a high-quality printer on heavy paper stock for posting in your classroom.

    If you wish to purchase Bloom Your Room you may do so quickly and efficiently on Amazon.

    Classroom climate and students social skill sets improve when we create a culture of kindness in which we lift one another up.

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