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Think-Ups: Cognitive-Heavy Work Activities for Slowing Down & Calming

Think-Ups: Cognitive-Heavy Work Activities for Slowing Down & Calming

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Think-Ups are slow rhythmic activities that require a person to hold their own body weight as they move, engaging cognition and proprioception. We use them in groups and individually for calming the central nervous system.

With Think-Ups we do a variety of heavy work activities using Musical Thinking. Heavy Work is often used by occupational therapists to help organize and connect the brain and body through the reticular activating system.

Heavy work describes movements that create a pushing, holding, or pulling feeling in the muscles and joints in the body. When one pushes, pulls, holds heavy objects (such as a weighted ball) or one's own body weight in space, the vestibular and proprioceptive systems of the brain and body become engaged. The exertion associated with heavy work stimulates endorphins, neurotransmitters, increased blood flow and increased oxygenation, all beneficial for the brain.

When heavy work is done slowly and rhythmically it can be calming to the sensory and central nervous systems of the body. For students who need to self-regulate in the moment, Think-Ups can be very helpful.

Watch our student ambassadors do Think-Ups here:

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