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Spotlight: The Visual-Cognitive-Motor Movement Activity

Spotlight: The Visual-Cognitive-Motor Movement Activity

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“Spotlight” is the visual-motor activity that engages attention, memory, self-regulation and social relationships by helping children THINK while they move.

Note: This is our 9th version since 2013, if you previously purchased Spotlight, there is no charge to receive the updated version, message us for any help drlynnekenney AT

Meet Spotlight

Spotlight is an engaging visually-based 5-minute physical activity program for students and adults (ages 5 and up) that engages attention, memory, self-regulation, and social interaction by requiring you to think while you move. Reading the cognitive-visual-language in order to move in a coordinative, rhythmic pattern engages cognition.

The "Anyone, Anywhere" Visual Cognitive-Motor Activity

A flexible "for anyone" program, Spotlight can be implemented easily with no equipment, in a brief time-frame with little training. While we focus on school-aged children, we have adapted Spotlight for seniors, sports teams, and office settings.

What are the Spotlights?

The Spotlights are colors that communicate one movement per beat, 4 beats to a measure, 16 beats to a page. We call each page a Sequence. Each Sequence consists of patterns of movement that participants can mix and match over time. As students develop better beat competency, you can add rhythm to your movements by adding pauses, doing movements in half-time or double time or by changing tempo.


You don't need to be musical to play Spotlight. Our experience doing Spotlight with hundreds of students is that the children are naturally rhythmic and creative, they will offer ideas or make suggestions almost immediately. 

The Color Code

Each color represents a move with a body part. Red = right foot, blue = left foot, yellow = both hands, purple = right hand, green = left hand, and orange = free move. You may move with the body part any way you choose. Initially, we step or stomp, clap and tap to get the activity started.

Cognitive Cueing

While you are reading the Spotlights and moving together on the beat, it is helpful to use your voice to cue your movements. Cueing is like a scaffold for the brain, it enhances your ability to keep the beat.

The Kinetic Classroom

If you are interested in bringing more empirically-based cognitive-motor activities and executive function skill coaching to your classroom or clinic learn about The Kinetic Classroom here:

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