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Attention Engine™ Sticker Combo Pack for 5 Students

Attention Engine™ Sticker Combo Pack for 5 Students

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We know from current neuroscience research that there are executive function skills that precede learning, behavior and academic achievement. One of the executive functions central to learning is attention. Yet, attention has many components.

A child needs to alert to the salient person, place, object or topic. He needs to properly select the focus of his attention. He needs to FOCUS on the target of his attention in order to take in the information being provided. He needs to monitor and manage drift, which is natural and expected. These are skills we can teach children.

This My Attention Engine Classroom Activity Set provides you with the gamified tools to begin to have the "Cognitive Conversation" about attention with students grades PreK-5th.

  • 40 jumbo, glossy 2" stickers - 8 stickers per child
  • 5 sticker books
  • 1 classroom poster
  • 1 Attention Cycle spinner game with instructions

Use this professionally printed, packaged and delivered classroom activity set to begin helping your students better understand their attention cycle, begin to get excited about turning on their attention engines and learn to modify, manage and improve their attention.

Children can now understand what it takes to steer their own path to solid learning by knowing how their brain works; when it's time to focus, when it's time to take a break and how to get back down to work again.

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