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Education Webinars

Ready to apply current neuroscience, cognitive science, and kinesiology for better thinking skills and self-regulation in your classroom or clinical practice? 

Here you will find three professional development courses with the strategies, videos and physical activities based on the over 100 empirically-informed activities we have published in our four books and two cognitive-physical activity manuals.

  • 70 Play Activities for Better Thinking, Self-Regulation, Learning and behavior
  • Musical Thinking
  • Bloom
  • Bloom Your Room
  • Spotlight

We enjoy interacting through the online courses with colleagues from Canada, South Africa, Kenya, China, the Philippines, the UK and more, please do not hesitate to write with any questions 

If you want it all, the moveTHINK professional development course on The Kinetic Classroom contains over 30 brief videos with downloadable content to build your educational and clinical toolkits enhancing cognition with executive function coaching and motor movement grades PreK-5th. 

Our video and educational webinar content are on TEACHABLE so our executive function, social-emotional learning, and self-regulation classroom and clinical activities are all found in one place.

If you'd like the mini-courses, you can dip your foot into our tools and strategies by ordering the 75-minute Executive Skills mini-course or our Bloom Your Room 50-minute Social-Emotional Learning mini-course. Both these mini-courses are in the moveTHINK course, it's BIG:) yet easily digested in 2-7 minute videos.

Videos are delivered online and upon completion of a brief quiz, professional development certificates of completion are provided.

We also provide webinars and live workshops to schools, clinics, and organizations, email us to discuss what suits your needs,  We are here to help.

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Thank you for your support of children's learning!