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Thinkerbee Theatre Classroom Activity Set
Dr. Lynne Kenney

Thinkerbee Theatre Classroom Activity Set

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Thinkerbee Theatre™ is a social-emotional learning activity that introduces children to the importance of being kind. In this activity, Thinkerbee™, the kindness bee, Stellar Stella and their friends, the Care-A-Lots sing a song of kindness and ask the children to sing one back.

The children are given Thinkerbee’s very special red glasses to help “See Kindness Everywhere.” The red glasses are a printable activity the children cut out and tape together. Once they have put together their glasses, they put them on and the facilitator projects the beautiful hand-drawn Thinkerbee Theatre image on a screen, whiteboard or wall. The facilitator starts the video and Thinkerbee speaks to the children inviting them to sing a song with him. He then asks the children to become “Kindness Ambassadors” by writing a poem, picture, song or story, first sharing it with him and then going out into the world and sharing it with others.

This activity that can be done 1:1, in small groups, in a class or even in an auditorium with an entire grade or student body. The time-frame is flexible, it can be done quickly as a fun class activity or in 30-45 minutes as an actual theatrical event. Thinkerbee Theatre has 7 downloadable components:

  • The Thinkerbee Theatre 8.5 x 11 Art Image for printing and sharing with friends and family (We suggest you have this professionally printed as it is several layers of colorful design that look fabulous via high-quality professional printer, such as Vista Print)
  • The Thinkerbee Theatre Engagement Video to play in school
  • Thinkerbee’s “I see Kindness everywhere” RED glasses
  • The Thinkerbee Theatre poem if you’d like to send something home to the parents to show them what you all have been doing with kindness through art and song
  • Thinkerbee sticker jpegs for printing, sharing and caring
  • The Thinkerbee music (mp3) without lyrics for the children to add their own words
  • Sheet music for the song (it has the words for our inclusivity song, the music is the same for all of Thinkerbee Theatre’s songs)
Wonderful for ages 4-8 in classrooms, homes, or therapy offices.

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